Think sugar coated bundles of detail and slight oddness combined to make unpainted paintings that are arresting and uncanny.


I'm Dawn Waters and I paint with fiber. In 2014, a friend taught me the basics of wet felting and I began making wearables. Soon after, I was introduced to the felting needle. I wondered if I could make a fiber portrait with one of these barbed needles. I had never seen a fiber painting, and had not created a portrait in any medium. Needle felting is relatively new, unlike wet felting - it’s like tattooing, but with wool. I kept at it, and finally the likenesses were recognizable and the intended emotions emerged. 


I often include an unexpected element like James Brown’s face as Edvard Munch’s The Scream; my political slant, as in Ruth Bader Ginsburg as Wonder Woman; or a poignant subject, such as the iconic National Geographic Afghan Girl. I used to communicate as a writer, but now I do this through these paintings, making statements or eliciting emotions, whether it’s evoking comments about a political statement, a discussion or mere reflection from an emotive piece, or simply a good laugh. When I started creating these paintings, I made famous faces, but am progressing into a more emotionally-focused direction and creating pieces that combine methods and materials. Much of my work incorporates 3-D wet felted objects such as flowers, a nod to where I began. 


I relish the challenge of bringing a subject to life through fiber and creating work that begs to be touched. I have recently begun painting with paint and mixed media and it’s clear that each medium is informing the other, and I see the possibilities are endless.

Please contact me for commission and exhibition inquiries.  dawnwatersart@gmail.com  804.837.3296

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Again he said he preferred long hair, so Zoe found the scissors. 21"w x 36"h with 3-D nose.

Is she sad? Pensive? Hard to say. But she's got some mighty blue eyes. At Brenda McMahon Gallery in Gulfport, FL.

An experiment with color on a made up face. At Brenda McMahon Gallery in Gulfport, FL.

Waiting for the new normal. Felted portrait on fabric background. SOLD.

My first reproduction. David Hockney's version sold for $90 million. 23"w x 17"h

Florence Wasn't Sold on the Whole Salon Thing. All needle-felted. 17.5"w x 21"h.

Portrait of an adorable bridal couple.

The real them. The felted them.

Needle-felted wool on cotton with hand-stitched silk. 15"x15". At Brenda McMahon Gallery, Gulfport FL. SOLD.

Marina Has No Mailing Address. She's smaller than the other flower ladies but she still packs a punch. 15" x 15"

I don't know who she is. But I dig her. Those chin whiskers are my favorite part.

Olga Was Never a Wallflower. Silken braids and a headdress of wet-felted flowers. 22"w x 30"h. She graced the cover of the Summer 2019 Fiber Art Now magazine. SOLD

Badass woman with kickin' fro.

Olive is Not Amused. Wet-felted flowers adorn the head of this needle-felted beauty. 23"w x 30"h. SOLD

Laurel Laments Nothing. 15"x15".

Vivica Rarely Has to Ask Twice. Felted on cotton fabric. 15" x 15".

Natasha, Not Frida. Felted & hand-stitched on metallic fabric 22" x 30". SOLD.

My first commissioned portrait. Given as a wedding gift. SOLD.

These Shells Would Look Good in the Bathroom. 21"w x 17.5"h.

Dominica is adorned with a leafy crown.

Felted portrait of a friend and her beloved Puffy.

Chico Rodriguez Blevins Waters made of fiber. Not for sale.