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These watercolor paintings are mounted on wood panels, with a protective matte wax coating. The face paintings come with a separate painted title card that explains the inner dialog, to mount, or not to mount.

Don't Lie to Sheila

Sabrina was losing faith that the cocktail boy was returning with her mai tai.

Ava's parents didn't understand why babysitters never sat a second time.

Lucas didn't smell something bad. He just doesn't like your politics.

Brit held eye contact with Ed in an attempt to make him think she was listening.

Hard liquor could have really helped Megan in social situations.

Emma had few female friends. She thought it was because they were jealous but it was simply because she was a bitch.

Andre thought he looked pretty suave, until he saw Josh walk into the room.

Gwen couldn't shake the thought that her friends must've been more intelligent when she first met them.

Iris began to doubt everything once she learned it wasn't called flamingo dancing.

It dawned on Bert that his prowess in calculus had no application in real life.

People rarely knew what Shea was thinking, and they should be thankful. SOLD.

Maria was perplexed as to why she was single. Her friends, however, were not.

Sean had never had his heart broken. Tomorrow, he meets Julia.

Lord, grant me the strength to not punch his teeth out.

Raven eschewed pronouns altogether.

It exhausted Bree to constantly try to appear interesting.

The party had sounded like a good idea when Terry left the house.

Kel promised herself that no matter what Jess says, this really would be her last reunion.

Russ was a man of few words.

Ellen's story was so long and dull, Carla feared she might nod off.

Lora replied, "yes, Sir," and then did exactly as she damn well pleased.

Kiki cherished the first five seconds after she took off her bra.

Kim thought the party was going great until she saw Jocelyn walk into the room.

Esperanza knows better, but chooses otherwise.


Chico Rodriguez is not for sale but pet commissions are available. With or without sombrero.

Sold. It wasn't that Rita didn't like people...actually, that's exactly what it was.

Sold. Nacho's Day Was Full of Possibility.

Sold. Carmen rarely got the joke and mistakenly thought her silence passed for understanding.


Sold. Commission.

Sold. Commission.

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