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Welcome! Thanks for visiting.

Rose. Gradient gauze edged with merino silk. $185

SOLD. Aurora. Artsy boho glam fashionista. Silk shawl edged with merino $145

SOLD. Vivienna. Luscious silk edges the lightest gauze. With sleeves! $145

Carole. Merino on cotton gauze. $145

SOLD Christina. Branching out with merino on the softest cotton gauze. $95

SOLD. Ray. Wool and silk fabric edged in gray wool. With sleeves! $145

SOLD Mathilda. Perfect for a garden party. Silk edging on cotton gauze. $95

SOLD Cynthia. Purple and blue silk chiffon edged with wool and modal. $145

SOLD. Shandra. Light and lovely with sleeves. $145

SOLD. Gabriela. Stained glass as a scarf. Merino on silk gauze. $95

SOLD Vivienne. An elegant wrap that can be tied. Or not. $145

SOLD Elissa. A silken wrap perfect for an artful bride. $195

SOLD Lola. Reversible, gorgeous green nuno silk scarf $95

SOLD. Mara. Boho elegance. Merino on tie-dyed silk with merino edging. $95

SOLD. Greta Heavenly colors on this reversible silky nuno scarf. $95

SOLD. Ginger. Light as a butterfly wing. Silk on silk. Great for a redhead. $145

SOLD. Fern. Merino and silk on soft airy cotton gauze. Tap into your organic boho self. $85

SOLD Miranda. Apricot delight, silk on gauze. $95

SOLD Valerie. Understated elegance. Neutral wool & silk on sheer black silk. $95

SOLD Carrie. Merino on silk gauze. When you want to cover your arms and look like a vixen from behind. $195

SOLD Flora. Light & bohoesque $145

Vanessa. Party in the front. Glam in the back. Reversible shawl that truly makes a statement. $145

SOLD Heather. Gorgeous plum silk with a touch of peacock blue. Adorned with merino. A show stopper. Reversible. $95

SOLD. Vivica. Reversible silk elegance. Pretty dreamy. $245

SOLD Esperanza. Light as light can be. Glamour overload. $145

SOLD Jocelyn. Gorgeous reversible shawl with dreads. Floral delight. $245

SOLD Nina. Merino on cotton gauze. Very light. Woolen ruffle. $95

SOLD. Sadie. Gorgeous colors no matter how you wear it. $245

SOLD. Carmen. Nuno scarf, merino on apricot silk. Yum. $95

One-of-a-kind, handmade scarves and wraps.
Hover for prices. To purchase, email me at dawnwatersart@gmail.com.
Who makes this stuff and what is felting?
I'm Dawn Waters. I first fell in love with felted things when I wandered into this shop in Amsterdam in 2012. Felting is a process by which you take wool (I usually use the finest merino and often add silk and other fiber) and agitate it with soapy water until it all melds together. These are not sewn to hold together, although a few of my pieces are also hand stitched. I work in Gulfport, Florida. If you'd like something other than what you see here, or if you're interested in a workshop, please email me. Hover over images for price & details. Follow me on Instagram too, I'm always posting new stuff.